Construction progressing at combined geothermal heat and power plant in Holzkirchen, Germany

Construction at Holzkirchen geothermal plant, Germany (source: Google Maps/ Branislav Ristic)
Alexander Richter 13 Jun 2018

Construction progressing for the combined geothermal heating and power plant in Holzkirchen, Germany. The heating plant is expected to deliver heating to the community at the end of the year, while the power plant is expected to go online in early 2019.

With plans to start delivery of heating at the end of 2018 and power by early 2019, the construction of the combined geothermal heat and power plant in Holzkirchen in Bavaria/ Germany is progressing.

The district heating section between the geothermal heat plant and a local garden community is almost complete.  The building of the heating plant is about to be completed. The main foundation piles for the substation building and the power plant are set. Parts of the floor plates for the switchgear building are created. Work on the foundations of the air condensers has begun.

In 2017, Italian company ORC was awarded the contract for the supply of an ORC turbogenerator, that exploits geothermal brine from a deep geothermal well. Turboden will employ a double pressure level process, with proprietary turbine, process and air cooled condenser. To provide a turnkey solution, a consortium will be established with the partner company Th. Arens Anlagenbau GmbH. Drilling for the project was concluded in April 2017.

The project company Geothermie Holzkirchen GmbH, is a wholly owned subsidiary of the local utility of Holzkirchen, a town located just south of Munich, in the upper Bavaria, Germany. Geothermie Holzkirchen GmbH originally planned in 2015 to realize a deep geothermal project, to feed the local grid of renewable electric energy and provide clean thermal energy for household connected to the district heating network.

Source: Merkur, Gemeindewerke Holzkirchen