Continued development of geothermal greenhouses in the Netherlands

Continued development of geothermal greenhouses in the Netherlands Greenhouse by Hoogweg, Netherlands (source: company)
Alexander Richter 20 Feb 2020

Dutch horticulture companies continue their drive to replace gas with geothermal to heat their greenhouse operations, such as Hoogweg in Zuid-Holland, Netherlands.

Dutch pepper horticulture grower Hoogweg has laid the foundation for the expansion of its operations in the Netherlands. The company has currently around 120 hectares of greenhouse operations over five locations. Now the company is expanding it by another 24 hectares. 

Hoogweg is among other greenhouse operators in the Netherlands that looks at operating without the use of gas utilising geothermal energy. The company has been heating greenhouses with geothermal energy since March 2019. The new greenhouses will not even have a gas connection.

“We are going to heat here with the heat from the geothermal installation and a biomass boiler,” says Mariska Hoogweg in an article on Hortidaily.

The next phase of construction has started with the construction of both a greenhouse and a processing space.

The packaging activities will continue to take place in the current processing building. The processing building that will be built this year will be used to sort peppers.

For further details on the company’s geothermal energy utilisation see its website (in Dutch).

Source: HortiDaily