Cryostar successfully commissions turbine at Alasehir, Turkey

Cryostar successfully commissions turbine at Alasehir, Turkey Cryostar turbine on site at the Alesehir geothermal power plant, Turkey (source: Zorlu Enerji)
Alexander Richter 6 Mar 2017

Cryostar successfully commissions 13 MW turbo-generator at the Alasehir geothermal power plant by Zorlu Enerji in Turkey.

In a recent statement, Cryostar – a world leading suppier of cryogenic equipment, including turbo-expanders, plants and more – announces having successfully commissioned its most powerful turbine yet.

The turbine was installed at the Alasehir geothermal power plant in Turkey, operated by Zorlu Enerji. The turbine is integrated in a TAS ORC process. The hot source is the outlet of the steam turbine supplied by Toshiba.

A 13 MW turbo?generator, the most powerful equipment ever built in Cryostar’s workshops, is now in commercial service. This product was designed to be integrated into a heat?to?electricity conversion process known as the “Organic Rankine Cycle”. The turbine expands R134A refrigerant fluid. The process was developed by the American company TAS and uses a geothermal heat source to produce electricity transferred for transmission to the grid.

The TG800 turbines range was designed to develop up to 19 MW of power. The TG800 includes in particular an 800mm titanium wheel. It is a radial centripetal turbine with variable blading. This technology makes it possible to optimise the machine’s output for an extended operating range, which is the best solution to maximise annual electricity production.

This product is in line with the expansion of Cryostar’s turbine range towards higher power outputs. It also enables Cryostar to cement its position as a supplier of high?output turbines for the production of renewable energy and energy recovery.


Source: Company release via email