Cyrq Energy to acquire small geothermal district heating utility in Reno, NV

View over Reno with the Peppermill Resort & Casino in the background (source: flickr/ RobertCiavarro, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 29 Apr 2017

Geothermal developer and operator Cyrq Energy is said to be the buyer for Nevada Geothermal, a small utility providing geothermal district heating to households in Reno, Nevada.

About two months ago, it was reported that the largest geothermal district heating system in the State of Nevada might have to halt operation due to immense cost of $4 million  involved in a necessary repair to the infrastructure.

But there seems to be some promising development with news on a possible sale of the utility Nevada Geothermal to Cyrq Energy. With geothermal power plants in Utah and New Mexico, the company is already involved in geothermal energy.

Supplying heat to 104 homes, the geothermal district heating is small, but is actually the largest residential geothermal district in all of Nevada, so local news report.

There are now hopes that the buyer might even expand the plant to add homes to the system.


Residents are happy about the development, while being cautiously optimistic.

The deal would have to be approved by the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada, which can take months.

Source: My News 4