Der Geothermiekongress/ German Geothermal Congress 2018 – Nov. 27-29, 2018, Essen

Der Geothermiekongress/ German Geothermal Congress 2018 – Nov. 27-29, 2018, Essen Congress Brochure, screenshot
Alexander Richter 10 Apr 2018

The German Geothermal Congress will take place this year November 27-29, 2018 in Essen/ Germany. The event features congress and workshop elements and is organised by the German Geothermal Association. The partner country of this year's event is Denmark.

The Geothermal Congress DGK 2018 will take place in the ‘Haus der Technik’ in Essen from November 27th to 29th. It is hosted by the German Geothermal Association (BVG) and is one of the most important conferences on geothermal energy. With more than 100 lectures scientists and practitioners will present and discuss the latest technological developments. The Congress includes the whole range of geothermal systems and technologies for shallow and deep geothermal energy.

Due to more international attention the conference will contain an English track of sessions on 27th and 28th November. Additionally, this year’s partner country Denmark will be introduced in a special workshop on the 27th November.

 The Call for Papers – submission possible until 30th June

Until the end of June scientific papers can be handed in for presentations or posters during the Congress. Presentations can be held in German or English. Abstracts can be submitted online. All submissions will be reviewed by the scientific committee.

More detailed information about the congress and the call for Papers here in the brochure.

Institutional research meets applied practice

The programme of hte congress offers a wide networking of scientifc findings in case of practice and research. the DGK stars with a day of workshops (27 November).

These workshops are included so far: Partner Country Denmark, GeoPlasma-CE – Standardization of European National regulations.

Outline of the Congress

  • ?In the Forums (F), lectures and presentations will be given. You can apply by handing in an abstract until the 30th June. ?
  • The Workshops (W) will be organised by appointed experts. ?
  • Projects and other scientific work on posters will be presented at a science exhibition. ?
  • The Science Bar provides a special offer for young scientists. ?
  • The Conference language is German. English presentations are very welcome. On the workshop day and the first day of the Congress, an English programme will be offered. ?
  • Registrations for the Congress are available online. ?
  • The written contributions and presentation slides will be uploaded in digital proceedings. ?
  • This year’s partner country is Denmark. A special workshop will be organised in cooperation with VIA University College.