Dora-2 geothermal plant goes online in Turkey

Dora 2 geothermal power plant, Pavilion/ Turkey (source: Mucadele)
Alexander Richter 27 Mar 2010

Dora-2 geothermal power plant in Turkey goes online with 9.5 MW installed capacity.

Reported in Turkish media, electricity production from the Dora-2 geothermal power plant was started this week in the town of Pavilion in Turkey.

The plant has an installed capacity of 9.5 MW and will produce around 75 million kWh (75.000 GWh).

The plant was financed by MB HOLDING and MEGE Elektrik Üretim A.?. It is the second geothermal power plant investment in the region. The plant was put up within 27 months.

It is a binary cycle system and is expected to replace 20,000 tons of oil products and save emissions of 150,000 tonnes of CO2.

Source: Mucadele (in Turkish)