Drilling planned for agricultural zone in Alasehir, Manisa in Turkey

Drilling planned for agricultural zone in Alasehir, Manisa in Turkey Enerjeo Kemaliye drilling (source: JeotermalHaberler)
Carlo Cariaga 8 Jun 2022

Enerjeo Kemaliye Energy Production Inc. is planning to conduct 5 geothermal exploration drillings for the geothermal project in the TDIOSB in Manisa, Alasehir.

A Specialized Organized Industrial Zone based on agriculture is planned to be established in a 1800-decare area in Manisa, a province in Turkey known for its richness in terms of geothermal resource. With the planned technological greenhouse zones, it is aimed to increase the basic share of Manisa in exports.

According to news shared by the Enerji Gunlugu, 5 wells will be drilled in order to meet the geothermal resource needed by the 1800-decare Agriculture-Based Specialized Greenhouse Organized Industrial Zone (TDIOSB) and the fruit and vegetable drying facility in Manisa.

Enerjeo Kemaliye Production Inc. one of the Energy Holding companies, operates in Manisa, Alasehir, Kemaliye regions. Kemaliye GPP, which has one of the largest geothermal operation licenses in the region, has been producing energy since 2016.

Two of the five planned wells will be used for production, while the other three wells will be assigned as reinjection. The geothermal resource obtained with the project will be used in the geothermal power plant when the greenhouse is not needed. A flowrate of 15,000 tons per hour of geothermal fluid is expected from the planned production wells.

Source: Enerji Gunlugu via our Turkish language platform JeotermalHaberler