Drilling started for the Trias geothermal greenhouse project in the Netherlands

Drilling started for the Trias geothermal greenhouse project in the Netherlands Ceremony on start of drilling at Trias geothermal project (source: Trias Westland)
Alexander Richter 7 Nov 2017

Drilling has started on site of the Trias geothermal heating project that aims to derive heating for a cluster of greenhouse operations in the Netherlands.

Monday this week, drilling started for the new horticultural geothermal project Trias in the Netherlands. In a ceremony before the weekend, the drilling was officially initiated in the presence by the among others representatives of the participating companies, shareholders, residents and more.

Director of Marco van Soerland: “Six years after signing the agreement on the intent for the development of the project, drilling into the depth of around 4,000 meters can start today.  It is a special day for, among others, all involved growers, HVC, Capturam, Royal FloraHolland, the municipality and the project team. Of course we are all looking forward to the well-test in January. And whatever the outcome may be: with this project we will make major steps in the energy transition in South Holland.”

The first hole

Monday the first hole was drilled, also known as ‘spud’ in the oil and gas industry. It is a 125-meter deep hole at the place where earlier in June the protective layer was placed for the aquifers. After this ‘shallow’ hole has been drilled, the first section of the deep bore will follow. The next seven to nine days a hole will be drilled of 1,298 meters deep and with a diameter of about 60 cm. At this diameter it is important to fully remove the drilling mud out of the borehole. Every ten meters a sample is taken of the mud and the cuttings that come up. Based on these samples, the drill crew knows in which earth layer and at what depth the drill bit is. When the full depth of section 1 has been reached, the pipe is inserted and cement is injected between the borehole and the pipe to reinforce the hole.

Four sections to a depth of 4,560 meters 

After about two weeks, it is expected that section 1 will be completed. Then section 2 will follow with a diameter of about 43 cm to a depth of 2,559 meters. Section 3 is a borehole with a diameter of about 30 cm to a depth of 4.204 meters. Section 4 continues to drill to the Trias layer at a depth of 4,560 meters. This last hole will not be cemented in connection with the recovery of heat. The well-test is expected to take place in January 2018.

Trias Westland 24/7 operational

From now on, Trias Westland is in full operation, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The KCA Deutag drill crew is – in shifts – 24/7 present at the drilling site. Offices, a canteen and meeting rooms, for example for security meetings, have been set up for the drill crew in the containers on the site. The crew members who are off duty, are staying in a guest house in the neighbourhood.

Source: Trias Westland