Early exploration drilling work to start on two geothermal sites in Uganda

Early exploration drilling work to start on two geothermal sites in Uganda Sempaya geothermal hot springs, Uganda (source: flickr/ Joostv, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 23 Dec 2019

The Ugandan government with support by GRMF funding has awarded a drilling contract for temperature gradient drilling on two potential geothermal development sites in the country.

The government of Uganda has awarded a contract worth UGS 2.3 billion (around $500k) for geothermal drilling to Royal Techno Industries Ltd..

The exploration programme initiated now, plans to drill 16 temperature gradient holes in Kibiro, Hoima District and in Panyimur, Nebbi District in Uganda.

Drilling is to start in January 2020 and expected to take about two months. With the findings from the gradient wells, it will help determine the locations for deep exploration wells to be drilled at a later stage.

The project is funded by the government and funding by the Geothermal Risk Mitigation Facility of the African Union Commission and German development bank KfW.

According to Vincent Kato, the coordinator of geothermal energy in the Ministry of Energy for Uganda, the country could see successful utilisation of geothermal energy in the country.

It seems that plans are to go ahead with smaller-scale development of so called well-head plants in the development of geothermal power projects.

Koti Reddy, the managing director of Royal Techno Industries, said that they will apply the down-the-hole drill and mud rotary drilling methods. He also describes the  need for a sensitive approach to inform and engage local residents to the project site.

The heat from the geothermal plants would also be used to heat crude oil pipeline, and other direct use applications such as fish drying.

Source: Smart24TV