Eavor successfully completes drilling phase at demonstration project in Alberta, Canada

Precision Drilling rig on site of Eavor-Lite (TM) project in Alberta, Canada (source: video screenshot, Eavor)
Alexander Richter 24 Sep 2019

Eavor Technologies Inc. announces the successful completion of drilling activities at its’ demonstration facility (“Eavor-Lite (TM)”), at the company's project location in Clearwater County, Alberta, Canada.

Canadian Eavor Technologies Inc. (“Eavor(TM)”) last week announced the successful completion of drilling activities at its’ demonstration facility (“Eavor-Lite (TM)”). At the company’s project location in Clearwater County, Alberta, East of Rocky Mountain House, the World’s first of its kind multi-lateral horizontal drilling intersection was made safely and successfully on September 1st, 2019.

Drilling & Completions Operations

  • Certus Oil and Gas – Lease Holder & Operator
  • Precision Drilling – Drilling and MWD Operations
  • Scientific Drilling Intl. – Wellbore Intersection
  • Codeco-Vanoco Engineering – Drilling Supervision
  • Shear Fluids – Drilling Fluid System
  • Chinook Petroleum – Wellsite Geology
  • Big Guns Wireline Services – Wireline Services

On August 2nd and August 4th, 2019, two Precision Drilling rigs, spaced approximately 2.5km apart, commenced vertical drilling operations to an intermediate casing point of approx. 2,400m (2.4km). Once these vertical sections were cased and cemented in place, both rigs continued to drill two multi-lateral wellbore sections towards each other until making precise and safe wellbore intersections of the 156mm (6.125”) diameter opposing boreholes. As the multi-lateral wellbore intersections are now successfully intersected, the drilling rigs are moving off their respective locations for the installation of surface facilities and a buried pipeline. Click to watch a video of the drilling sites.

“While we are very pleased to have completed the drilling phase of this demonstration project safely, efficiently, on-time and on-budget, Eavor and our partners remain focused on the commencement of our next phase of facility and pipeline construction with commissioning currently scheduled for Q4 2019.”, so Derek Riddell, Vice-President, Operations, Eavor Technologies.

The Eavor-Lite (TM) demonstration facility showcases Eavor’s unique and proprietary design elements at a near commercial scale. This innovative “made in Alberta” geothermal solution uses existing oil and gas drilling technology and expertise to facilitate a revolutionary and unique energy system known as “Eavor-Loop (TM)”.

“Several delegations from around the world have already visited and toured the demonstration site, with several more to come. The primary purpose for these tours and meetings is to allow business partners, international governments and regulators as well as potential customers for commercial implementations access for due diligence and technical review.”, so Paul Cairns, CBDO.

Source: Company release