Ecuadorian Geothermal Association launches new website

Ecuadorian Geothermal Association launches new website Screenshot of AGE website (source: AGE)
Carlo Cariaga 10 Nov 2022

The Ecuadorian Geothermal Association has just launched their new website with news, events, and interesting links and information.

The Ecuadorian Geothermal Association (Asociación Geotérmica Ecuatoriana, AGE) has launched their new website where the group shares geothermal news in Ecuador and internationally, relevant events, links to talks and interviews, and some interesting information on geothermal. The website can be accessed here.

The AGE aims to promote research and the sustainable use of geothermal resources through the dissemination, construction and strengthening of exchange networks in the public and private sectors, academia and organizations to contribute to the strengthening of environmental sustainability, energy security and social equity in Ecuador under the values of cooperation, gender equality, and respect for nature.

The AGE is a parallel association with Women in Geothermal Ecuador (WING-Ec).  WING-Ec was created first- in July 2020 and afterwards, it gave rise to AGE in January 2021.

Source: Ecuadorian Geothermal Association