EDC pushing its Mariposa geothermal project forward in Chile

EDC pushing its Mariposa geothermal project forward in Chile Mariposa, well 03, Chile around 2013 (source: Alterra Power)
Alexander Richter 27 Jan 2020

EDC continues work on its Mariposa geothermal project, a development of up to 240 MW in power generation capacity in Region VII, Central Chile.

In recent weeks, new steps have been taken on the Mariposa geothermal project, as reported locally.. The project, developed by Philippines-based Energy Development Corp. (EDC) is located in Region VII and plans a development of up to 240 MW.

The company has already started initial drilling and is currently preparing the Environmental Impact Study (EIA) for processing.

In addition, executives of the firm, met with local authorities. These hearings were led by the EDC international projects manager, Peter Wood.

The first hearing was with the executive secretary of the National Energy Commission (CNE), José Venegas. The purpose for the meeting was to inform about the company’s plans in Chile and learn about the development policies of the energy sector. EDC also asked about the future of market regulation and the advantages of this new regulation.

Later they met with the Minister of Energy, Juan Carlos Jobet, and with the head of the renewable energy division of the same portfolio, Gabriel Prudencio. “The main reason is that Peter Wood comes to Chile and thus tell him about EDC’s plans and learn about the development policies of the energy sector”.

The president of the Geothermal Council, Jerónimo Carcelén, participated in both instances.

Last April the Ministry of Energy entered the Congress a bill to improve the current geothermal legislation.

The proposal establishes a system for recording shallow uses of geothermal energy, excluding them from the concessional regime; modifies the control regime; and the determination of general safety standards for the uses of this energy. The initiative is currently in the Chamber of Deputies with great urgency.

So far the only geothermal project that is operating in the country is Cerro Pabellón, a joint venture between Enel Green Power Chile, a renewable energy subsidiary of Enel Chile and Enap. This project is currently in the construction phase for a third unit, that will add 33 MW in generation capacity.

Source: La Tercera