EDC submits early environmental evaluation for Achumani geothermal project in Peru

City view of Arequipa, Peru (source: flickr/ reflectification, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 20 Jul 2020

EDC in Peru has sent in a preliminary environmental assessment for its planned 110 MW Achumani geothermal power project in Cabanconde, Caylloma province, Peru.

As reported by BN Americas earlier this week, the Philippines-based Energy Development Corp. (EDC)’s Peruvian subsidiary EDC Energía Verde Perú (EEVP) has submitted a preliminary environmental evaluation (EVAP) for its 110 MW Achumani geothermal project.

The evaluation was submitted to the Certification Service for Sustainable Investments, Senace in Peru, to allow for an evaluation wether a full environmental impact assessment, or further studies are required.

The planned investment for the 110 MW Achumani geothermal power project by EDC is estimated at around $ 560 million. The project is located in the district of Cabanconde, in Caylloma province in the southern region of Arequipa planned with two units.

Early exploration studies indicate a resource temperature of around 250-300 degrees Celsius that could support development of more than 200 MW in power generation capacity.  EDC plans to drill up to six wells to a depth of 1,500 to 2,200 meters.

The plan would be to start operations of the plant in 2027.

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Source: BN Americas