EGEC releases factsheet on geothermal energy as energy option for islands in Europe

Pico Alto geothermal power plant, Azores/ Portugal (source: Exergy ORC)
Alexander Richter 14 May 2018

In a factsheet released today, the European Geothermal Energy Council shares the key energy challenges faced by Islands in Europe and how geothermal energy could provide a solution.

The European Geothermal Energy Council today released a new factsheet on “Geothermal Energy for EU Islands”.


European islands often face significant challenges when it comes to energy supply and energy costs. Due to geographic location, small economies of scale, and limited or absent interconnection to the mainland or to other islands, many islands are still heavily dependent upon costly imported fossil fuels to generate electricity or to meet their heating and cooling needs. Unlike other intermittent energy sources, geothermal energy could provide a stable, sustainable, and affordable energy supply for a wide variety of potential uses that are not restricted to electricity generation, but encompass many types of direct uses.

The factsheet continues the series of EGEC’s factsheets on the many ways in which geothermal energy could contribute to the energy transition.

Source: EGEC