Enel Green Power reports record numbers for its renewable power generation in Italy and the U.S.

Enel Green Power reports record numbers for its renewable power generation in Italy and the U.S. Lardarello geothermal power plant by Enel, Tuscany/ Italy
Francisco Rojas 8 Jan 2015

2015 inherits new records for total daily generation, which has reached 119 GWh and geothermal annual generation in Italy, while EGP’s net installed capacity in the USA has already exceeded 2 GW.

Enel Green Power’s 2015 starts with unprecedented numbers, which the new year has inherited from the last month of 2014 and are both a good omen and a challenge. In fact, in December EGP’s generation facilities have achieved a new global, local and technological record.

The total daily generation of all EGP’s generation facilities reached on 1 December 119 GWh and again this number means an improvement of the record-breaking performance achieved in 2013, when Enel Green Power’s renewable sources generated 108.4 GWh. This result is even more significant when compared to the numbers of 2010, the year of the company’s listing on the stock exchange, when its generation had amounted to 63.7 GWh.

Geothermal power in Italy on 31 December reached an annual generation of 5.548 GWh, bettering the 5,301 GWh record achieved in 2013 and in the new year new developments are expected to take place. In 2015 the Larderello district will continue growing, thanks to the 38 MW net capacity of the two generation wells and the two re-injection wells of the new Bagnore 4 plant, as well as with the integration into the Cornia 2 facility of a forest short-chain biomass plant that will overheat steam with the aim of increasing the geothermal cycle’s energy efficiency and electricity generation.

In this unprecedented 2014, the United States have a prominent place, with Enel Green Power North America’s net installed capacity exceeding 2 GW of thanks to a combination of wind power (1,665 MW), hydro (318 MW), geothermal (72 MW) and solar technologies (29 MW).

Source: Press Release by Enel Green Power