Enel Green Power to invest $600 million for Tuscany development

Lardarello geothermal power plant by Enel, Tuscany/ Italy
Alexander Richter 23 Jul 2012

Enel Green Power expects to invest up to $607 million in refurbishment of existing plants in Tuscany, Italy and further develop its international portfolio of projects.

Reported last week, Enel Green Power is expecting to invest more than EUR 500 million (US$607 million) in the next 4-5 years for geothermal power development in Tuscany, Italy.

The Rancia 2 plant has been refurbished making it more efficient and decrease the environmental impact, abating hydrogen sulfide emissions. The plant has a capacity of 17 MW and has been part of the larger investment plant of Enel Green Power.

The company now plans to include work at Rancia 1 and the Le Prata plants, in RAdicondoli (Siena) and Cstelunovo Val di Cecina (Pisa) and will start the renovation of three geothermal plants in the municipality of Piancastagnaio (Siena), with a total capacity of 100 MW.

The Company is though continuing its international development plans for geothermal of $1.2 billion (EUR 967 million) as part of a larger global investment of EUR 6.1 billion.

The company’s total geothermal capacity in Italy and the U.S. amounts today to 775 MW.

In Chile, the company plans to start building the first 40 MW plant and has been granted three new concession, holding now a total of 8 concessions in the country and confirming its leadership in the region.

The company also is working with a partner in Turkey.

Source: Enel Green Power