Enel Green Power to present at GeoPower Europe, Dec. 6-7, 2011

Stillwater geothermal power plant by Enel (source: Atlas Copco)
Alexander Richter 7 Nov 2011

In a recent interview with GeoPower Europe organizers, Enel Green Power's CEO Francesco Starace provides an insight into his companies plans and policy needs for the industry.

In preparation of its yearly GeoPower Europe event, “Green Power Conferences Geothermal Analyst, Sophy Searight recently caught up with Francesco Starace, Chief Executive Officer of Enel Green Power and a keynote speaker at this year’s GeoPower Europe Congress.

What are Enel’s plans for geothermal in the coming year?

Enel Green Power (EGP) is a worldwide leading operator in geothermal technology with a total capacity installed of 775MW by 2010 (12.7% of total EGP installed capacity) and a production of 5.3 TWh during 2010. We see the geothermal sector as crucial for the further expansion and development of EGP in the coming years.

EGP aims to maintain and increment its worldwide leading position, focusing its strengths on the continuous selection of best investment opportunities and research on innovative projects (i.e. Low enthalpy cycles, Environmental performance and characterization projects, integration with other technologies such as biomass and solar).

In terms of investment, during 2010 EGP capital expenditure for the geothermal sector amounted for 180 M€.

What policy changes would most benefit the industry?

We think that policy and regulatory changes are important drivers for a further expansion and development of this industry but not the only ones. The Geothermal sector will benefit in the future much more from continuous technological development and innovation and the consolidation of the operators in larger companies with stronger balance sheets.

What will be the most important point of discussion at GeoPower Europe?

R&D and technology innovations are one of the most important key successful factors for the further development of the European Geothermal industry. Another one the rising costs of capital and therefore the difficulties that smaller operators may face in the coming years and how they can be helped.

Why have you decided to attend?

Because EGP can contribute proficiently to this panel discussion using our long lasting experience in the geothermal R&D field, our unique integrated presence right across the whole “Geo” value chain (from project development, to exploration and drilling, to plant design and operation), our worldwide leader position as utility operator with more than 775 MW of geothermal plants installed in Europe, North America and Latin America.

GeoPower Europe Congress & Exhibition
Francesco Starace will be at GeoPower Europe Congress and Exhibition in Milan 5-8 December 2011. The event sees the leading geothermal power minds convening once again at what is fast becoming THE annual global meeting place for the Geothermal industry, just some of the key global players attending include:

  • Lucien Bronicki, Chief Executive Officer, Ormat,
  • Ross Beaty, Executive Chairman, Alterra Power Corp
  • Susan Petty, President and Chief Technology Officer, AltaRock Energy
  • Thor Erik Musæus, Managing Director, Rock Energy
  • Jose Manuel Soffia, Chief Executive Officer, Energia Andina Chile
  • Bret Mattes, Chief Executive Officer, Star Energy
  • Silas Masinde Simiyu, Chief Executive Officer, Geothermal Development Company Kenya
  • Alexander Richter, Director, Canadian Geothermal Energy Association, Managing Partner,ThinkGeoEnergy
Source: Green Power Events via Renewable Energy World