Enel inaugurates new wing of Geothermal Museum at Larderello, Tuscany

Geothermal Museum, Larderello, Tuscany (screenshot)
Alexander Richter 3 Nov 2017

Enel Green Power inaugurates new wing at the Geothermal Museum in Pomarance, Tuscany.

Today, Enel Green Power inaugurated the  new wing of the Geothermal Museum  in  Larderello, in conjunction with the 14th International Environmental Journalism Forum, organized by Greenaccord from 2 to 5 November between Florence and Larderello.

Carlo Pignoloni , head of Italy’s Enel Green Power, cut off the tape, together with Massimo Montemaggi , Enel Green Power Geothermal Manager; Loris Martignoni , mayor of Pomarance; as well as other mayors and authorities of geothermal areas.

The new wing is on the  first floor of the Palazzo de Larderel, which on the ground floor already hosts the fully interactive Geothermal Museum that every year hosts thousands of students and visitors from Tuscany, Italy and many parts of the world.

Now, the cultural offer is enriched by this new wing on the first floor which was the residence of Count Francesco De Larderel  and preserves original  furnishings, books, photographs and archives: the material was organized and arranged in  12 rooms  welcoming the historical library, the origins of Larderello, its development from chemistry to electrical activity, the historical photographic archive.

The furnishings and the material are arranged according to a reconstruction faithful to the reality of the time. This new wing will be used for  private and reserved tours, currently directly followed by Enel Green Power, who is working to organize a shared management with Idealcoop, who already cares for the ground floor tours of the Geothermal Museum, open all year round to the public also for free entrance visits.

Source: Enel Press Office via