Enel introduces mobile laboratories for monitoring of geothermal operations in Tuscany

Enel introduces mobile laboratories for monitoring of geothermal operations in Tuscany Enel Green Power Mobile Laboratory (source:
Alexander Richter 21 Sep 2018

Enel Green Power has introduced three new mobile laboratories, designed to conduct sampling and analysis as well as environmental monitoring of geothermal activities in the Tuscan region of Italy.

This week Enel Green Power introduced three new mobile laboratories for the control and monitoring of geothermal activity in the Tuscan region in Italy. Introduced in Via Farinello at the Enel Green Power Laboratories in Larderello, these mobile units are used for sampling and analysis, as well as environmental monitoring. The units have already been in use since the beginning of the year.

Several dignitaries took part in the official ceremony, among them: Loris Martignoni, mayor of Pomarance, with the commissioner Ilaria Bacci; Alberto Ferrini, mayor of Castelnuovo Val di Cecina; Marco Favilla, responsible for Geothermal at Enel Green Power maintenance services; Marco Paci, head of the Enel Green Power Geothermal Laboratory. About 45 people work at the geothermal laboratories of the company.

The mobile log-in-well unit is useful for carrying out technical measurement and monitoring activities within geothermal wells, both during drilling and during extraction, to ensure a balanced cultivation of geothermal fields. These new units are an absolute innovation at an international level, designed by the Enel Green Power Laboratory Unit of Larderello in collaboration with a specialised company and a leader in the sector in Scotland. In fact, the laboratory allows to perform two different types of instruments control, analysis and data processing (called wire-line and slick-line), which previously required the use of separate mobile units.

This innovation, which confirms Enel Green Power as a reference for innovation in well measurements for the geothermal sector, generates benefits both from the technical point of view and in terms of operational flexibility, allowing it to work with a very high technological level and with particular attention management of wells and environmental sustainability. In addition to the innovative feature of combining two different modes of operation, the new Laboratory allows to operate in complete autonomy even on construction sites where there is no electricity grid thanks to the presence of a generator set powered by the engine of the vehicle itself.

The design activity was not limited to the technical-operational optimisation of the mobile laboratory, consisting of a truck inside which all the equipment is placed: great attention was paid to ergonomic and safety aspects, from the optimisation of the internal spaces available for the operators to the automation of the installed auxiliary systems, from the insertion of various support devices to the guide and to the operations in the yard, up to the predisposition of a suitable lighting not only of the internal area but also of the space exterior in which the staff is operating.

The Mobile Sampling and Analysis Unit, on the other hand, performs an important function of control and analysis of power plants and geothermal plants, while the Mobile Environmental Monitoring Unit carries out air quality measures. These are tools, which are added to those already existing, made according to the best standard for geothermal activity: a result that is part of Enel Green Power’s actions in favour of technological excellence and environmental sustainability, both in terms of plants and controls and verifications.

Source: Il Tirreno