Ethiopia and Iceland Aid agency to cooperate on geothermal exploration and education

Aluto Langano Geothermal Power Plant (source:
Alexander Richter 16 Sep 2013

Iceland's International Development Agency (ICEIDA) and the Ethiopian Government sign cooperation agreement on geothermal surface exploration and capacity building for geothermal development in Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian Government and Icelandic International Development Agency (ICEIDA) signed a partnership agreement for geothermal surface exploration and capacity building for geothermal development.

The agreement is signed as part of the ICEIDA/NDF Geothermal Exploration Project, according to information obtained from ICEIDA website.

The cooperation with Ethiopia is initiated under the Iceland – World Bank compact on geothermal energy. The signing of the agreement will lead to identifying potential sites for exploration drilling and capacity building to advance geothermal energy production in Ethiopia.

The project’s geothermal surface exploration activities will focus in the localities of Tendaho Alalobeda and Aluto Langano, which are considered potential sites with huge potentials.A capacity building project focusing on geothermal drilling as well as operations and maintenance of geothermal power plants will also be lauched in the area of Gedemsa.

Ethiopia is said to have up to 5000 MW  geothermal energy potential. The Ethiopian government is currently implementing a strategy to develop its renewable energy resources along side with hydropower, in order to ensure energy security.”

Source: ICEIDA via Merkato