European mayors on energy transition tour through Bavaria

European mayors on energy transition tour through Bavaria Drilling rig at Kirchweidach, Bavaria, Germany (source: Herrenknecht)
Francisco Rojas 8 Dec 2014

A recent trip organised by Greenpeace, several mayors from Hungary, Turkey, Croatia and a few from Germany toured Bavaria and visited several municipalities.

According to the Greenpeace post, Eastern Europe and Bavaria have great potential for renewable development and for its expansion.

The trip also covered a visit to a geothermal heating plant nearby Munich, “funded by the joint efforts of three very small municipalities: Aschheim, Feldkirchen and Kirchheim. Merging their vision and their resources – and after a research on the potential of geothermal and its feasibility in the area – they could fund the plant and the heating pipe system connecting the municipalities. From a depth of around 2.600 meters hot water at 85 degrees is pumped to the surface heating up all the 2.159 households connected”

To read about the full trip, please follow the link below:

Source: Greepeace