Exergy ORC releases video showing its history and great shots of geothermal plants

Exergy ORC video screenshot (source: company/ YouTube)
Alexander Richter 27 Oct 2020

Italian Exergy ORC has released a great promotional video of its business, showing its history, but also its commitment to heat to power applications and showing great video shots of geothermal plants built by the company in Turkey.

Following a lot of changes in the last year, that ended in the acquisition of Exergy through TICA and its subsequent relaunch in January of this year, our friends at Exergy also endured a rather tough time with the covid-19 situation.

But, they have not stand still and with the start of a geothermal plant in Turkey and ongoing construction of more, things have continued to move forward. To highlight the commitment and ongoing work, Exergy released a great corporate video giving a bit of background and generally great shots of some of its plants, e.g. in Turkey.

As of today, Exergy has built around 440 MW in geothermal power generation capacity with 27 units installed in less than 10 years.

So check out this great promotional video of the company.