Exorka considering EGS system for project in Mauerstetten, Germany

Alexander Richter 7 Dec 2009

German developer Exorka finds new hope in utilizing existing bore well in Mauerstetten through an EGS system.

According to German local news, the geothermal power plant project by Exorka in Mauerstetten and Kaufbeuren in the Molasse Basin in Southern Germany is now finding new hope to continue the project.

The developer Exorka is now considering the installation of a petrothermal system. After initial drilling ended up with lower than expected flow rates, the company is now hoping that this system might allow to utilize the hot rock below the surface for electricity generation. The system uses pumped down water to be heated below in a heat-exchanger-like system.

“After a while we are now considering this a lucky break”, so Exorka CEO Curd Bems. The article in the local paper talks then in more detail on how this petrothermal system, basically represents an EGS (Enhanced or engineered Geothermal) System.

The project already has drilled one well of 4,500 meters depth, as well as a side-track.  Despite the corresponding risk, Exorka has big hopes in this new development of the project.

As part of the renewable energy legislation in Germany, there is a technology bonus as part of the feed-in-tariff for renewable energy sources, and the EGS system being developed here could provide additional sources of income compared to a traditional conventional system.

If and how things will evolve from the well pad, will be seen after the new year. There are currently no activities of Exorka in Mauerstetten and the drilling rig will be dismantled. The company plans to build a work-over construction, but this just after the dismantelling of the drilling rig is completed.

The CEO of Exorka expects that the project will be a success and mentioned a research & development grant application of the company filed with the federal government for the project.

Source: Allgaeuer Zeitung (in German)