Experts publish report on current development of geothermal in Peru

Experts publish report on current development of geothermal in Peru Survey work at the Quellaapacheta project, Peru (source: Hot Rock Peru via flickr/ Geothermal Resources Council, creative commons)
Francisco Rojas 7 Oct 2014

Peru has a growing economy and is estimated to have a geothermal potential of nearly 3,000 MW, yet there are no active projects. Take a look to what the latest reports say.

A recent document published by key individuals in the industry provides a comprehensive and detailed report on the status and current development of the Peruvian geothermal market

The article has been written by:
• Fernando Muñoz Carmona, M.Sc. Ph.D. Geoscience, Social Context and Communication Consultant.
• Catherine Hickson, Ph.D. Former Alterra Power Corp. Vice-president of Exploration and Chief Geologist
• Vicentina Cruz. Instituto Geológico Minero y Metalúrgico del Perú (INGEMMET).
• Melissa Mendoza. Ministerio de Energía y Minas del Perú, Dirección General de Electricidad.
• Miguel Cardozo, Geol. Eng., PhD. S.A.C. General Manager.
• Úrsula De la Mata. ENEL Green Power Chile y Países Andinos.
• Paolo Bona. Geothermal Consultant.

As stated in the document, Peru ranks among the fastest growing economies in Latin America, with a continuously increasing demand for energy. The power supply has historically been stocked with hydro and natural gas thermal plants. Geothermal energy offers a unique opportunity to integrate a clean, renewable and base load capacity indigenous source to the energy matrix.

Peru is estimated to have a geothermal potential of nearly 3,000 MWe. Since 2010, several geothermal companies have been involved in exploration. In 2012 the Peruvian Government published the National Geothermal Master Plan, with the aim of promoting geothermal development in the country. Geothermal development in Peru has been affected by a series of factors, mostly related to a lack of know-howe and those related to political hurdles such as regulatory and institutional issues. However, since 2010 a process of articulation among geothermal companies, government entities at the national, regional and local levels and communities has taken place to advance the development of geothermal in Peru.

The paper is divided into five sections:

1. Opportunities for geothermal development in Peru.
2. Factors that shape geothermal development.
3. Concepts and actions to strengthen the geothermal development in Peru.
4. Recent initiatives that have contributed to the advancement of geothermal development in Peru.
5. Conclusions and recommendations.

To access the document, please follow the link -> GEOTHERMAL DEVELOPMENT IN PERU OCT 1 2014

Source: Piensa Geotermia