Fonroche to start drilling on new geothermal project in the Alsace, France in June 2017

Picture not related to story - Well at Rittershoffen geothermal site in Alsace, France (source: ThinkGeoEnergy)
Alexander Richter 2 Feb 2017

French geothermal developer Fonroche Géothermie plans start of drilling for a geothermal power project at Reichstett in the Alsace region of France in June 2017, as reported in a release by Vallourec, a supplier to the project.

In a release by French company Vallourec, it is reported that the company won a new contract for unconventional geothermal energy (deep wells, high temperatures) to deliver premium OCTG  products for exploring underground reserves in France.

The Group will assist Fonroche Géothermie, a developer of geothermal energy projects, in the exploration phase for underground reserves in Alsace (East of France), on the site of the former Reichstett refinery (municipality of Vendenheim) and the Eckbolsheim site. The project will consist of two to four wells drilled in doublets (one injection well and one production well) for between 1700 and 3400 tons of semi-premium and premium tubes and connections, including the VAM® 21TM, the highest performing connection on the premium market to date. In order to optimize the customer’s costs, Vallourec will provide “just-in-time” delivery. A team of VAM® Field Services technicians will also be involved, supervising the on-site descent. The drilling of the first well is expected to begin in June 2017. If results are positive, production will start soon thereafter at the wells.

For this project, the tubes are being manufactured in Vallourec’s European factories in Mülheim and Rath (Düsseldorf) in Germany and in Aulnoye-Aymeries in northern France.The contract follows the one obtained last spring for the geothermal plant in Holzkirchen, in Bavaria, for which Vallourec successfully delivered 1500 tons of tubes and whose operation is set to begin in 2017. They bear witness to Vallourec’s commitment to renewable energy.

Source: Vallourec release