Four wells successfully drilled for 20 MW geothermal power project in Hungary

Four wells successfully drilled for 20 MW geothermal power project in Hungary Testing geothermal well at Totkomlos geothermal project, Hungary (source: GGE)
Alexander Richter 29 May 2020

Developer Geothermal Green Energy KfT reports successful tests for four wells drilled for planned 20 MW geothermal power project in Tótkomlós, Hungary.

Hungarian geothermal company Geothermal Green Energy Kft. reports successful drilling works for four geothermal wells in the depth between 1,600-2,300 meters in southeast Hungary near Tótkomlós.

Geothermal Green Energy Kft. is implementing a geothermal project which aims to produce electricity based on geothermal energy in southeast Hungary near Tótkomlós. The project currently ended its exploration phase, as the subsurface has been explored by four deep drilling and constructing with four geothermal wells. All four drillings positively revealed and proved the high permeability karstic zone of the carbonate reservoir. The drilling of the triassic layers in the new wells ended in total mud loss, the formation was identified by geophysical well logs and by analogy with off-site wells. According to drilling data and current knowledge of the reservoir it is possible to develop two geothermal power plant of 15-20 MW gross output each. Geothermal Green Energy Kft. holds the needed licenses and rights to use/exploit the reservoir for electricity production based on geothermal energy.

The well tests showed excellent hydrodynamic properties and very good yields (min. 668-756 m3/h per pair of geothermal wells) and temperatures over 150 degrees C at the bottom. The wells will operate with pumps to reach this constant yield. In addition to electricity producing the – based on the geothermal water composition analysis – significant volume of natural CO2 can be extracted from the geothermal flow. GGE Kft. plans to start operation late 2021, the ORC technology supplier has not been selected yet.

Based on the results of the drillings and the reservoir we aim to develop the largest geothermal project in the Central and Eastern Europe region with the estimated gross potential of 35-40 MW in producing electricity. – confirmed the management of GGE Kft.

Source: Press release by email