Garching an der Alz geothermal plant in Bavaria starts operation

Garching an der Alz geothermal plant in Bavaria starts operation Geothermal plant of Garching an der Alz, Germany (source: Silenos Energy)
Alexander Richter 24 Mar 2021

The new geothermal plant in Garching an der Alz in Bavaria, Germany has successfully started operation delivering electricity and heat.

Geothermal developer Silenos Energy reports having successfully started operations of its combined geothermal heat and power plant in Garchin an der Alz in Bavaria, Germany. The plant has now produced renewable and sustainable electricity since mid-January 2021.

With an achievable maximum output of up to 4.9 MWe (electricity) and 6.88 MWth (heat), more than 36 million kWh of renewable electricity can be fed into the public grid and up to 15 million kWh of heat can be supplied to a district heating network that has yet to be built become. The Silenos Energy plant in Garching an der Alz can supply up to 14,000 households with renewable electricity and save up to 23,500 tons of CO2 emissions per year, thus making a significant contribution to improving the regional CO 2 balance. The generation of electricity and heat from geothermal energy can be used as a base load and is available regardless of the time of day and season and regardless of the weather.

A special feature of our geothermal system is the type of cooling, which, on the basis of continuous water cooling, enables significantly more efficient production processes and can thus convert more energy from the thermal water into electricity while at the same time using less electricity. So far, all existing German systems have run with air condensers.

The management of Silenos Energy is very pleased with the successful completion of the construction phase and the first results from the production of the geothermal system.

Christian Steinbauer emphasizes: “With the successful commissioning of our geothermal system, we are making an important contribution to sustainable heat and power supply in Garching and the Altötting district. A big thank you goes to everyone involved this great achievement. Our general contractor STRABAG Umwelttechnik GmbH has managed to plan and build a power plant that converts the developed geothermal source from the depths into electricity and heat in an extremely resource-saving, efficient and sustainable manner. ”

Oliver Friedlaender also adds:” The first test with the current The long-term pumping and injection test that is currently being completed shows us that both geothermal wells have very good hydraulic properties with high productivity. With a production temperature slightly below our expected value of 125 degrees C and the very good efficiency of our ORC system, we look positively into the future and expect the system to achieve a production output that is above the originally forecast values. ”

Silenos Energy Garching ad Alz is a joint venture of RAG Austria AG, the Austrian energy storage company with decades of underground expertise, and the European technology partner for construction services STRABAG SE. In its core business, Silenos Energy combines the expertise of companies in power plant and plant construction (STRABAG) and in geology and deep drilling technology (RAG) for the development, construction and operation of geothermal systems. Silenos Energy carries out all work according to the BGEO concept developed by the company: drilling competence – geological knowledge – surface engineering expertise. Planning, implementation and operation are carried out at Silenos Energy in a constructive dialogue and in agreement with politics and society, especially at the local level. Because only well-planned and professionally implemented projects bring added value for the region. All information can be found at .

Source: Company release