Gas wells in Ryedale, UK being appraised for geothermal power

Gas wells in Ryedale, UK being appraised for geothermal power Ryedale, Yorkshire (source: alh1 / flick, Creative Commons)
Carlo Cariaga 25 May 2022

Third Energy is conducting studies on repurposing twelve gas wells in Ryedale in North Yorkshire, UK to produce geothermal energy.

A study is ongoing in the district of Ryedale in North Yorkshire, UK to extract natural heat from gas wells and generate renewable power for homes. The investigation is being done by Third Energy, the owner of the twelve wells, one of which was previously used for fracking.

The wells are located near Pickering and Kirby Misperton. They have been drilled to depths of thousands of feet. At least one well has been shown to contain water with a temperature of up to 90 degrees Celsius.

“This is potentially a sustainable energy source right under our feet.” said Third Energy Managing Director Russell Hoare. The project has received a £50,000 grant from the Ryedale District Council which has been matched by Third Energy.

“Given the urgent need to decarbonise the energy system and eliminate fuel poverty, we are pleased to be working with Ryedale District Council and the government to address these two issues.” Hoare added.

Philip Spurr of the Ryedale District Council and Liberal councilor Mike Potter have expressed support for the project. “It’s quite ironic that five or six years ago I was on the other side of the fence trying to oppose fracking. Potter said.

The district council has scheduled consultation events through June and July to hear the opinions of the local residents on the project.

We have previously reported on Third Energy and their partnership with CeraPhi Energy to explore opportunities for the repurposing of gas wells for geothermal energy. The study in Ryedale is in line with the objective of this partnership.

Source: BBC