GDC has completed 6 wells in Menengai, Kenya

GDC has completed 6 wells in Menengai, Kenya GDC drilling site at the Menengai crater, Kenya (source:
Alexander Richter 10 Jul 2012

Kenyan Geothermal Development Company announced it has completed 6 geothermal wells at the project site in Menengai, with four of them having the capacity of up to 24 MW.

Reported this morning from Kenya, the country’s Geothermal Development Company “has completed 6 wells in Memengai, four of which have the capacity to produce 24 MW.

In a statement by GDC Managing Director Silas Simiyu, “the corporation will be installing modular power plants before the end of the year to reduce the gestation period involved in geothermal power generation.”

The company expects to add two additional drilling rigs to its fleet by the end of 2012.

The modular plants are aimed at providing power in a short period of time given the dire need for power in Kenya.

The two additional drilling rigs are to reduce drilling costs and thereby also reduce electricity tariffs that are passed to the consumers.

The rigs are part of the five rigs partly financed by the French AFD at a cost of $90 million and will be supplied by a Chinese petroleum drilling company, Great Wall Drilling.

Source: KBC News