GDC planning to build geothermal spa at Menengai steam fields, Kenya

GDC planning to build geothermal spa at Menengai steam fields, Kenya Geothermal well at Menengai, Kenya (source: flickr/ ScientificDrilling)
Carlo Cariaga 15 Jul 2022

GDC is planning to build a geothermal spa at the Menengai steam field modeled after the Blue Lagoon in a bid to diversify revenue channels.

The Geothermal Development Company (GDC) has announced plans to build a geothermal spa in its Menengai steam fields in Nakuru, Kenya. This spa is mean to help GDC diversify its revenue base besides the steam sales for geothermal power generation.

“Blue Lagoon is something we’re looking to emulate at Menengai,” said GDC Drilling and Infrastructure General Manager Paul Ngungi, referring to Iceland’s popular Blue Lagoon.

If these plans materialize, it will be the second geothermal spa in Kenya. The first one, operated by KenGen, is located in the Olkaria steam fields in Naivasha. The geothermal spa was also part of KenGen’s revenue diversification scheme, as we previously reported.

GDC owns and operates the steam fields in Menengai and has undertaken drilling of a total of 43 wells. 105 MW of geothermal power is planned to be generated from this resource. One Independent Power Producer (IPP) is already constructing a 35-MW power plant, which is scheduled to start commissioning by the 1st quarter of 2023.

Source: KawiHub