Geo Dipa Energi increases power output of geothermal plants Dieng and Patuha in 2017

Patuha geothermal plant, Bandung, Indonesia (source: ESMAP)
Alexander Richter 3 Jan 2018

PT Geo Dipa Energi in Indonesia, reports having succeeded in increasing power output of its geothermal power plants of Dieng and Patuha by 30% in 2017 over the previous years, but remains below installed capacity.

PT Geo Dipa Energi (Persero) announced that it has increased its power generation in 2017 by 30% from its geothermal plants at Patuha and Dieng Unit I.

The plants generated 763 GWh electricity, a 30% increase compared to the electricity generation of 586 MW in 2016. This was witnessed by President Director of PT GeoDipa Energi (Persero), Riki Ibrahim, who witnessed the final numbers for the year in Dieng’s office at the turn of to the new year 2018, and thanked all staff who have successfully demonstrated the performance in 2017.

Actual Production of Patuha Generation Unit for the year 2017 reached an average of 56 MW, while PLTP Unit Dieng managed to increase its performance to an average of 44 MW compared to 2016 which reached an average of 37 MW.

The increase of electricity production this year is the result of the performance of all GeoDipa staff in the field optimization both from upstream and downstream monitoring. The intended optimization aims to push electricity production utilising the full installed capacity for each generating unit.

The new Board of Directors of PT Geo Dipa Energi (Persero) is fully supported by its Shareholders in order to accelerate revenue growth and reduce the Company’s accumulated losses of Rp. 641 billion ($47 million) until December 2016.

GM Unit Patuha, Supriadinata has succeeded in increasing steam supply in Patuha Unit I field by conducting tie-in PPL-04 and PPL-06, in maintaining steam reliability as well as making minor repairs during the simple inspection 2017. While the optimization in PLTP Dieng Unit has been done, by GM Unit Dieng, Puguh by maintaining steam production through maintenance of steamfield facilities, brine management and also maintain the reliability of power plant that has been in operation since 2002.

In 2017, all the managers and GeoDipa leaders of the company’s Jakarta office not only have conducted training on monitoring, program design for optimization in both PLTP Dieng and Patuha plants, but also successfully run a work program for the development of the prospect areas of Candradimuka, WKP Dataran Tinggi Dieng, the prospect of Candi Umbul Telomoyo and Arjuno Welirang, and the new geothermal working area Baru on Government Assignment in 2017.

PT Geo Dipa Energi (Persero) is an installed capacity in Dieng and Patuha units of 60 MW each. Plans in 2018, aim to add an additional 60MW for each of the plants.

Source: GeoDipa