GeoGlobal Energy Chile to accelerate development at Curacautín

GeoGlobal project site, Chile (source: GeoGlobal Energy)
Alexander Richter 16 Jan 2013

GeoGlobal Chile to split Curacautín project in different phases and plans launch of first unit of 12 MW in mid-2014.

GeoGlobal Energy Chile wants to accelerate the development of Curacautín plant

In an interview with CNN Chile, Rüdiger Trenkle, CEO of GeoGlobal Energy Chile, provides details on the company’s 70 MW Curacautín geothermal project.

With the first exploration studies started in 2008, he now reports that GeoGlobal Energy plans to split the project in different phases. The project has an expected capacity of 70 MW, as previously reported by Piensa Geotermia.

The project is reported with an investment volume of expected $400 million.

With the new split of the project in different phases the company expects to launch the first unit of 12 MW in mid-2014 with the complete plant planned to be completed betwen 2017 and 2018.

The actual video of the interview (in Spanish):


Video Source: CNN Chile