GeoPower Europe 2011 event announces case studies for agenda

Milan, Italy (source: flickr/ Cesar Pics, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 11 Nov 2011

In preparation for the upcoming GeoPower Europe 2011 event in Milan, Italy, December 6-7, 2011, the organizers release a list of case studies that will be featured as part of the agenda for the event.

In a recent article, GeoPower Europe 2011 to be held in Milan, Italy December 6-7. 2011 announces the adding of case studies to the GeoPower Europe agenda. Chosen by a panel of experts, each case study will provide cutting edge analysis and unmissable content.

The Economic Sustainability of Geothermal Heat and Electricity Generation in Germany – The Unterhaching Pilot Project
Benjamin Richter, Associate Partner, Rodl and Partner

Power Generation from Low Enthalpy Brines with the Kalina Cycle – Bruchsal Project in Germany, Pascal Schlagermann, Project Manager, EnBW

Successful Fund Raising for an EGS project – A Long Process Ryan Law, Managing Director, Geothermal Engineering

Geothermal Power Production in Switzerland – Opportunities and Challenges, Jörg Uhde, Head of Geothermal Business Unit, Axpo New Energies

Geothermal Power Production Cost and Cost Reduction Potential, Thomas Köelbel (with L. Eggeling, P. Schlagermann, & W. Münch), EnBW

A New Challenge for the Geothermal Development in Italy: Innovative Technologies and Environmental Sustainability for Deep Geothermal, Walter Grassi, Department of Energetics, Pisa University, Union Geotermica Italy

Orly: A Case Study of a New District Heating Using a Geothermal Doublet in Paris Basin, Romain Vernier, Head. Geothermal Energy Department, BRGM

Deep Energy Excavation Project – A New Method for Reaching the Geothermal Resource, Christoffer Källberg, Project Manager, Dividend Industries

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