Geothermal development could help local communities in the State of Nevada

McGinness Hills II plant in Nevada (Source: Ormat)
Carlo Cariaga 16 Sep 2019

The proposal to open public lands to geothermal development can be very beneficial to the local economy of the state of Nevada, according to an opinion piece in a local publication

In an opinion piece by Blake Guinn in the Reno Gazette Journal, he outlined how the rural communities in Nevada could benefit from geothermal development. The piece was written in the context of the Bureau of Land Management’s proposal to open up public lands in Nevada – up to 141 parcels of public land – to geothermal energy production.

The state of Nevada has had good experience with renewable energy sources so far. According to an economic impact study done by The Western Way, the 29 rural renewable projects in Nevada have generated a total of $7.9 billion for their local economies and has provided up to 12,000 jobs equivalent to $947.3 million in wages.

The author also calls for the Congress to act on H.R. 3794 – the Public Land Renewable Energy Development Act of 2019. This bill will encourage the production of geothermal energy on public lands by providing a new revenue sharing mechanism that will benefit the local communities even further.

You may read the rest of the opinion piece through the link below.

Source: Reno Gazette Journal