Geothermal as “hot new fuel” that could bring back jobs to Canada’s oilpatch

Drilling rig on site of geothermal project, Saskatchewan/ Canada (source: DEEP Corp.)
Alexander Richter 24 Jul 2019

With a struggling oil and gas sector, Canada could see jobs and growth coming back to its oil patch with geothermal development, so a recent article by the Financial Post.

In a recent article by Canadian publication Financial Post, it is looked at how geothermal energy could actually be bringing back jobs and growth back to a struggling oil sector in Canada.

Bringing the example of the geothermal power project in the oil fields of Saskatchewan by Deep Earth Energy Production Corp. that we have been reporting on, as well talking about Borealis Geopower, another geothermal developer in Canada, the article highlights how the set of skills needed for geothermal are complimentary in the oil and gas sector and vice versa.

For details on the article, see link below.

Source: Financial Post