Geothermal Energy in the UK, an overview by TownRock Energy

Geothermal Energy in the UK, an overview by TownRock Energy Geothermal resources in the UK (source: TownRock Energy, screenshot)
Alexander Richter 28 Jul 2020

A new brochure by UK-based TownRock Energy provides a good and short overview on how the UK could benefit from utilising geothermal resources for heating.

Geothermal energy consultancy, TownRock Energy has published a nicely laid out brochure on “Geothermal Energy in the UK – what, why, where and how“.

It is focused on geothermal energy for renewable heat in the United Kingdom.

It addresses on why geothermal energy could be an option for the United Key given that it could be “the most significant and sustainable source of heating and cooling globally by 2050”.

Explaining how geothermal energy works, the brochure highlights that 45% of the energy use in the UK is for heating, while accounting for 32% of all UK carbon emissions. The context of utilising abandoned mines in the UK for heat extraction has been mentioned, the water contained in abandoned mines is around 75 billion cubic meters of water.  With that around 7 million homes in the UK could be using mine-water heat.

As these mines are all at depth they contain heat that can be extracted. In the UK the temperature at a depth of around 1,000 m (1km) is around 30-50 degrees Celsius.

The brochure highlights were geothermal resources are available in the country with aquifer and minewater resources found in the South of England, towards the eastcoast into Scotland and in Northern Ireland.

Published as a brochure it is a great look at geothermal and provides a good overview.

Source: David Townsend via LinkedIn