Geothermal energy paying off for horticulture company in Tuscany, Italy

Greenhouse of Floriamata, Italy (source: Floriamata)
Alexander Richter 6 Sep 2019

Italian horticulture company Floramiata reports a strong increase in operating profit for 2018 and increased employment and higlights the very important benefits deriving from the company's use of geothermal energy for its operations in Tuscany, Italy.

In reporting on its annual results for 2018, Italian horticulture company Foramiata highlights the very important benefits deriving from the company’s use of geothermal energy for its operations in Tuscany, Italy. The operational results highlight the revamp of the company, which now has almost doubled its employees and continues to aim to reach to be carbon free. This is reported in Italian publication Greenreport.

During a meeting with media in Piancastagnaio, Marco Cappellini, Managing Director of Floramiata, presented the first budget to verify the trend of the nursery-gardening company after the entry of the new property in 2017 : 2018 was “one year certainly positive, which showed an operating profit of more than EUR 730,000 compared to EUR 568,000 the previous year”.

But beyond the final figure there is much more: 142 employees with recent additions of qualified and graduated young people; over 6 million planned investments; about 8 hectares of new spaces dedicated to external nurseries with new greenhouses and technologically advanced production systems; a new and sophisticated software for the management of post-production phases such as warehouse management, shipping and billing; strengthening of marketing and communication activities.

A positive picture that also encompasses the first half of 2019, with the latest figures going in the direction of a constant improvement in company profitability.

“A growth – adds Cappellini – that goes in the direction desired by the company, our goal remains that of 2021, year in which we would like to reach a budget profit only through the characteristic management, or rather the one released from the very important benefits deriving from the use of renewable energy. A choice approved by the board that aims, from that date, to dedicate the tax credit exclusively to investments, which have already begun since our entry, even to a considerable extent “.

Today, as in the near future, the role of geothermal energy will remain fundamental for the Floramiata project, a horticultural center born in the mountains that aims to become the absolute protagonist in the tropical plants market thanks to the renewable energy coming from the heat of the earth.

A path that saw an important milestone in February this year , thanks to the important addendum to the agreement for the transfer of the geothermal heat signed by the CEO of Floramiata together with the head of Geothermal Energy Enel Green Power, Luigi Parisi: the new agreement, to which he was also present, among others, the mayor of Piancastagnaio, Luigi Vagaggini and which falls within the context of collaboration existing between the Municipality, the Tuscany Region, Enel Green Power and CoSviG, has arranged the addition of a further 25 thousand MWh thermal – supplied at a reduced price – to the 150 thousand MWh until then paid under the same conditions: a total therefore of 175 thousand MWh thermal annual , produced sustainably, and delivered at a price about 10 times lower than the cost of fossil fuels.

A sustainability that also rewards from the occupational point of view: compared to the initial 78 employees, today Floramiata has a workforce of 142 people, mostly resident in the Amiata area or immediately adjacent areas, the company’s preference in choosing recruitment: “Many employees started working – specifies Cappellini – even from areas quite far from our headquarters and this is a demonstration for us of how the company is regaining credibility. We are pleased to be able to insert new workforce that, by our choice, in the presence of the qualities sought, prefers the inhabitants of the territory”.

To further improve the company, today it relies heavily on two levers, communication and sustainability, with initiatives and investments aimed at strengthening the link between territory, company and product. With this in mind, an open-door company event is scheduled for mid-November: “It is important for us, also through the digital communication channels offered by the web, to bring customers into Floramiata. We are working very carefully at the November event where we will host customers from Italy and abroad », explains the company CEO. As for sustainability, the traced line is clear, thanks to geothermal energy: the commitment that has already been targeted is to become the first carbon-free nursery garden company.”

Source: Greenreport