Geothermal hotel starts service in Türkiye’s coldest district

Geothermal hotel starts service in Türkiye’s coldest district Geothermal hotel in the Caldiran district of Van, Turkiye (source:
Carlo Cariaga 29 Mar 2023

A geothermal hotel has started service in one of the coldest districts of Türkiye, drawing hot water from six geothermal wells for their spa and pool facilities.

A geothermal hotel extracting thermal waters from six different wells has started service in the Caldiran district of Van, one of the coldest settlements in Türkiye.

At an altitude of 2050 meters in Caldiran are the four geothermal villas and a hotel with 110 beds, built on a 30,000-square meter area. In the hotel are private pools, indoor and outdoor pools, restaurants, cades, ski slopes, an aqua park, a spa center, and entertainment areas for children. Thermal waters extracted at 91 degrees Celsius are supplied to the pools at 41 degrees Celsius. The hotel is one of the rare places where a ski center and geothermal services are provided together.

The owner of the business, Yusuf Taskin, stated that they planned to serve 200,000 people a year. “We started a formation here 14 years ago with 8 partners. By obtaining the right to use thermal water in this region, we began to establish the first leg of the investments. We have conducted studies and R&D studies for 4 years. We researched the region’s geothermal structure, thermal properties, and underground water reserves.”

“In 2015, we started investments in a thermal greenhouse in Caldiran, the coldest district of Turkey. Tourism investment, which has been continuing for 3 years, has come to an end. The facility combines thermal tourism and ski tourism, which is a first in Türkiye,” further added Taskin.

Source: Medya Gazete via our Turkish language platform JeotermalHaberler