Geothermal industry gathering in Reykjavik, Iceland, April 26-29, 2016

Geothermal industry gathering in Reykjavik, Iceland, April 26-29, 2016 Exhibition at Iceland Geothermal Conference 2013 (source: Iceland Geothermal)
Alexander Richter 15 Feb 2016

The Iceland Geothermal Conference 2016 features an extensive program and field trips providing ample opportunity to discuss and work on geothermal business opportunities globally.

The Icelandic geothermal sector is hosting its large international Iceland Geothermal Conference – IGC2016 in April this year. Following a successful event in 2013 and the initial one in 2010, this year’s event is also some kind of showcase of what Iceland has to offer when it will host the World Geothermal Congress 2020.

Rósbjörg Jónsdóttir, who is the managing director of the event on behalf of the Iceland Geothermal Cluster, provides us with a little bit of details in a short interview we took this week with her here in Reykjavik. The event is now being held in this format for the second time.

What makes the event particularly interesting for those people interested in attending?

Planned as a business development event for the geothermal sector, the Iceland Geothermal Conference is an event not to be missed. It provides a great platform to discuss global geothermal development opportunities. We particularly point out the important role geothermal energy can play to provide a clean, renewable energy source, but also the fantastic multiple value direct use elements that could multiply the value achieved from geothermal energy development.

What will be the key themes of the event this year?

One of the key themes of this year’s event will be the importance of the geothermal resources and how one can maximize the value creation. What does geothermal energy provide and how can one increase the usage of the resources, e.g. for direct use applications. There are uses of geothermal energy beyond power generation, but many additional ways of utilising this fine resources are currently underestimated.

In collaboration with our sponsors, speakers and guests, we want to drill deep into three main topics where we are following the geothermal value chain: operability, feasibility and practicality.

Can you tell us a little bit about the elements of the event and how do you think they will benefit participants?

We are building a complete agenda that while being extensive is also quite exciting with presenters coming from all around the world. To ensure our guests’ experience and learning we are combining the conference program with a brand awareness exhibition. There companies and organisations can present themselves and promote their services during the whole event.  There is also a Business-to-Business program attached.

We have also organized a series of different field trips that are linked to the conference program. So overall we believe providing a rather rounded up experience for attendees and participating companies.

There will be a number of side events planned for the conference. What are events people will be able to participate in?

There are several side events planned throughout the days of the event and also in the days before and after the conference. Some of those events are part of the official program and you can find them on our website,

Among them is a meeting organized by the World Bank’s Energy Sector Management Assistance Program (ESMAP), which will hold a Global Geothermal Development Program (GGDP) Roundtable in partnership with Iceland’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Details can be found here.

Other events planned include:

Women in Geothermal (WING) are planning an event with details to be announced, a B2B Matchmaking event. … and last but not least the Brand Awareness Exhibition, which still has some limited spaces available. Another event with Michael Porter was just announced which will take place a day after the geothermal conference. “Social Progress – what works?”. Details can be found here.

With the geothermal “wonders” of Iceland, such as the Blue Lagoon, not far from Reykjavik, what kind of things can participants explore during their visit?

The aim of the Iceland Geothermal Conference 2016 aim is to to build upon an extensive and informative agenda that maximizes the experience and knowledge for participants.

We are including several field trip into our event which gives our guests great opportunity to experience by learning and networking on place. We are already offering at least three programs, all ending in the Blue lagoon.

Learning about the different way of building up the resource park, visit one of the largest geothermal power plant in the world, Hellisheidi and the importance of the development of district heating which is becoming very important factor when it comes to renewables and environmental.

Several different international delegations have announced they will come to Iceland to attend the event. What can they expect in the sense of exploring either geothermal opportunities in their countries or in business opportunities abroad?

We are expecting a good number of foreign participants from all around the world. So far we have registrants from Canada, the United States, France, Germany, several countries in Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia. So it promises to be a rather wide and numerous group of participants.

Are there any practical things people  interested in attending should know?

Well, it is going to be a rather interesting event. Given the popularity of Iceland as a travel destination right now, it is advisable to book your flights and accommodation timely.  … and if you are planning a trip to the Blue Lagoon, make sure to bring your swimsuit and trunks.

We are looking forward seeing you in Reykjavik in April.

For details on the event see its website.