Geothermal news on paper – the Think GEOENERGY Newspaper

Geothermal news on paper – the Think GEOENERGY Newspaper Think GEOENERGY Newspaper snapshot
Alexander Richter 11 Oct 2017

The first edition of our Think GEOENERGY Newspaper here in electronic format.

At the recent GRC Annual Meeting and GEA GeoExpo+, ThinkGeoEnergy released its first newspaper. Back in 2013/2014, we actually published a magazine, which was a rather passionate approach to create a quality publication in paper that promotes geothermal energy.

So with the newspaper, we are picking up where we left it back then and now have a publication that we will hand out at large geothermal events around the world and expect to do an edition twice a year.

Stories include:

  • Branding Geothermal
  • IGC Invest Geothermal – a new geothermal finance and investment conference
  • The Sarulla geothermal power project in Indonesia
  • Turkey’s geothermal development
  • the IRENA Global Geothermal Alliance Meeting, and
  • Short interviews with Andy Blair of WING and Marit Brommer of IGA

Have a look at the newspaper