Geothermal opportunities on Europa – a moon of Jupiter in space

Geothermal opportunities on Europa – a moon of Jupiter in space Moon, Venus & Jupiter - a look into space (source: flickr/ John Flannery, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 29 Sep 2016

There are geothermal opportunities in space, as a new discovery of water geysers on a moon of planet Jupiter through NASA's Hubble spacetelescope shows.

In our daily quest to find geothermal news, from time to time we stumble over obscure, interesting or simply exciting things. A while ago we reported on terrestrial drilling efforts on Mars and argued that we should maybe consider making sure we are more successful in drilling for geothermal on Earth.

Now a new post in Gizmodo talks about water geysers being discovered on Europa, … and no NOT “in” Europe.

The space telescope Hubble has helped NASA to discover water geysers near the south pole of Europa, Jupiter’s moon.

In the article, the moon Europa is described as being “on the shortlist of places we might discover alien life in our solar system.” With the discovery of  those geysers, the prospects for finding extraterrestrial microbes have got a lot better, so NASA. The discovery strengthens the case for a geothermally-heated, subsurface ocean.

Well as we are exploring geothermal opportunities in space, we should not forget the extensive geothermal opportunities on Earth.

Source: Gizmodo