Geothermal project in Saskatchewan, Canada currently drilling second well

Interview with Kirsten Marcia of DEEP Corp. - screenshot
Alexander Richter 18 Nov 2019

In an interview with Kirsten Marcia, CEO of DEEP Corp. in Saskatchewan we discuss her geothermal power project, as well as opportunities beyond electricity generation, such as greenhouse operations and potential extraction of metals from the brine.

In this interview, I spoke with Kirsten Marcia, President & CEO of Canadian Deep Earth Energy Production. The company is developing Canada’s first geothermal power project in the province of Saskatchewan.

With the first well drilled, the company proudly reports that the temperature has been higher than modelled prior to drilling and the flow rates as well. Currently the company is drilling its second well. With the temperatures encountered, the project will likely plan with binary cycle-based power plant technology, but is also looking at direct use opportunities, such as greenhouses.

The interview was conducted in September 2019 at the GRC Annual Meeting in Palm Springs, California.

Learn more about the project here below.