Geothermal Resources Council (GRC) rebrands as “Geothermal Rising”

Geothermal Resources Council (GRC) rebrands as “Geothermal Rising” Geothermal Rising branding
Alexander Richter 19 Oct 2020

Following a process of work on a new branding and marketing campaign, the U.S.-based Geothermal Resources Council (GRC) has rebranded itself to "Geothermal Rising" with a tag line of "Powering our Renewable Future".

The Geothermal Resources Council, the world’s oldest and largest geothermal industry association, announced today that it has rebranded as Geothermal Rising. The move reflects a paradigm shift for the organization, which will intensify its efforts to champion the use of the Earth’s heat to meet humanity’s expanding energy needs and strive to better represent the interests of its members around the world.

The announcement comes as Geothermal Rising kicks off its 2020 Annual Meeting, the largest virtual gathering of geothermal energy experts in history.

“Geothermal Rising’s mission is to connect the geothermal industry and champion geothermal energy in the United States and around the world,” said Executive Director Will Pettitt. “This mandate to drive public awareness of the power and possibility of geothermal energy as a renewable energy source, while simultaneously bringing together geothermal experts from around the globe, was more than our previous brand could handle. We’re thrilled for this exciting new chapter, in which Geothermal Rising will exemplify the geothermal industry’s commitment to pursuing a brighter future for Earth and all its inhabitants, powered by the planet itself.”

The introduction of Geothermal Rising is the beginning of a brand launch process that will include the development of a new website, revitalization of the organization’s marketing strategy, and much more – an effort spearheaded by the creatives at Washington, D.C.-based creative agency Taoti Creative.

“While this is a very exciting step, it is just the beginning of an electrifying time for our industry,” said Pettitt. “We want to lift the power, potential, and promise of our Earth’s heat to the top of every person’s mind. We want to show the people of the world how we can use the Earth to save the Earth.”

The launch of Geothermal Rising’s new website is expected to occur in mid-Q1 2021. For more information about the new organization, its mission, and to sign-up for updates please visit


About Geothermal Rising:

Geothermal Rising champions geothermal energy and those who make its use possible. Formed in 1972, Geothermal Rising is the oldest geothermal association on Earth, serving as the main professional and educational association for the geothermal community and public. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, it empowers the advancement of human understanding and practical use of geothermal energy through collaboration and communication of robust research, knowledge, and guidance. Everything Geothermal Rising does, it does to power Earth’s renewable future, and show the world how we can use the Earth to save the Earth.

In a letter to the geothermal community, Dr. Will Pettit, Executive Director of GRC/ Geothermal Rising and Andy Sabin, President of GRC/ Geothermal Rising thank everyone that works so passionately on all things geothermal energy and the reasoning behind the rebranding efforts of GRC.  To read the letter click here.

Source: GRC/ Geothermal Rising press release