Geothermal Source TDIOSB in Canakkale, Turkiye receives approval

Geothermal Source TDIOSB in Canakkale, Turkiye receives approval Çanakkale Port (source: Webturkey - CC BY-SA 4.0, )
Carlo Cariaga 7 Oct 2022

The application for the establishment of Geothermal Source TDIOSB of Canakkale in Turkiye has been approved.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry has approved the establishment of a Geothermal Source Greenhouse Agriculture-Based Specialized Organized Industrial Zone (TDIOSB) in the Tuzla region of Ayvacik district in Canakkale, Turkiye.

The Ministry emphasized that the project will be an easy way to reach cheap, reliable and quality products. While it was stated that the investment will contribute to the investment, employment and production targets by adding value to the region where it was established, he stated that the Ministry will continue to support the agriculture-based industrial zones, which are the production bases. The project site also offers advantages in economic activities due to its geopolitical location.

The work for the TDIOSB was initiated under the leadership of the Canakkale Governorship Special Provincial Administration and the founding partners of the Special Provincial Administration, Canakkale Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Canakkale Commodity Exchange and Ayvacik Municipality.

In the TDIOSB, which is planned to be established in an area of approximately 2,423 decares, the energy needed for heating will be sourced from the hot water provided by the geothermal power plants located in its vicinity and the newly opened geothermal wells.

In addition, with the production activities carried out in 11 months of the year, 65,000 tons of quality fresh fruit and vegetables that will be produced annually in the greenhouses in the TDIOSB area will be offered for consumption in the province of the provinces in the region

Source: Ministry of Food, Agriculture, and Livestock via our Turkish language platform JeotermalHaberler