Geothermal to heat 4.5 hectare greenhouse operations in Sakarya, Turkey

Geothermal to heat 4.5 hectare greenhouse operations in Sakarya, Turkey Greenhouse operations, Turkey (source: flickr/ Tom Ballard, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 8 Mar 2020

In Sakarya, Northwestern Turkey, a community is planning to set up a 4.5 hectares geothermally heated greenhouse center of excellence with hydroponic and traditional greenhouse production, as well as the opportunity for training.

Announced locally by the region’s mayor, the project for a “greenhouse perfection center” to be realised in Akyazi Kuzuluk, in northwestern Turkey not far from Istanbul is kicking off.  President Ekrem Yüce said, “We will build a sample greenhouse facility with a geothermal heating and a land of  4.5 hectares of land in Kuzuluk. We will offer trainings to our farmers with the ‘Greenhouse Perfection Center’. In addition, we will contribute to our city’s employment data. We will also produce year-round. After the necessary admissions, we will make our tender and start our work. ”

Stating that the feasibility reports prepared for the geothermal greenhouse project to be established on a total of 4.5 hecares will be submitted to MARKA, President Ekrem Yüce announced that they will start the works immediately after the tender to be made if the Ministry of Industry and Trade includes the project. President Ekrem Yüce shared that the production will be carried out throughout the year together with the geothermal greenhouse.

President Ekrem Yüce stated that they will increase the production by expanding greenhouse cultivation in Sakarya and said: “On the first day we took office, there was an issue that we stated: We will process the fertile land of Sakarya in the best way and start an exemplary agricultural development move to our country. Here we started counting down for a move that we can qualify as an important step in this direction.

Of the project 2.5 hectares will be used for hydroponic production, with the rest used for traditional greenhouse operations.

Source: YeniHaber