Geothermal Wire: Public Engagement for geothermal project development

Geothermal Wire: Public Engagement for geothermal project development Drilling rig on site in St. Gallen, Switzerland (source: Webcam Project website, Aug. 7, 2013)
Alexander Richter 17 Dec 2013

In an interview for the Geothermal Wire podcast series, I interviewed Lasse Wallquist of Risk Dialogue Foundation from Switzerland on their public engagement work for geothermal project development.

Always having considered public engagement in the development process of geothermal projects crucial, it has been exciting to follow the work of Swiss Risk Dialog Foundation from Winterthur in Switzerland.

As a non-profit organization, it has been successfully involved to bring different parties of geothermal projects together. As a very good example of the activities that the foundation has been involved in is the St. Gallen geothermal project. The project was temporarily halted due to a seismic event, but due to the early engagement of the public, the project was able to still receive a lot of public support for its project and is now being continued.

No one would have expected this based on the experience of an earlier project with a similar incident.

So earlier this year I was able to gain Lasse Wallquist of Risiko Dialog to write an article in the Think GEOENERGY Magazine, describing his foundation’s work.

At the recent GeoPower Global Markets event in Amsterdam I was able to interview him on his foundation’s work and his opinion about public engagement in the international context.

Clearly an important role this company can and could be playing in international geothermal development.