Geothermally heated Greenhouse Excellence Center established in Sakarya, Turkiye

Geothermally heated Greenhouse Excellence Center established in Sakarya, Turkiye Geothermal heated greenhouse project planned in Sakarya (source:
Carlo Cariaga 4 Jul 2022

The Greenhouse Excellence Center put up in Sakarya, Turkiye will serve as a center for R&D on top of providing year-round agricultural production.

The Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality has established the geothermal heated Greenhouse Excellence Center on an area of 25 decares and targeting 1250 tons of tomato production. In addition to food production, R&D studies will be carried out by providing training and consultancy services at the Greenhouse Excellence Center.

The news of the Center of Excellence received widespread media attention. You can find the video shared by TRT Haber on the subject below:

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ekrem Yüce said: “Our city is a paradise for agricultural production as well as its natural beauties. In order to bring a new vision to Sakarya, which has such fertile lands, we, as the Metropolitan Municipality, adopt a municipal approach based on agricultural production. We are happy to implement a new project with our production-oriented approach.”

“In order to make the most effective use of our natural resources in our city, we established the Greenhouse Excellence Center with the support of MARKA on an area of ??53 thousand square meters, where we can do geothermal-sourced soilless agriculture and started production. The area where we set up our greenhouse was previously in a hilly location. For this reason, we first carried out land reclamation. We transported 125 thousand cubic meters of fill soil, that is, 12 thousand 500 trucks of soil here. We drilled our geothermal borehole at a temperature of 72 degrees at a depth of 250 meters.”

Chairman Yüce said, “Thanks to the facility, we are using our agricultural potential and natural resources effectively. For the project, we first built an exemplary greenhouse on an area of ??27 decares. We first started to produce tomato varieties in our greenhouse. It’s time to harvest. We will receive our first products shortly. We have installed packaging and automation systems in an area of ??2 decares. In our greenhouse, which has a fully automated production system; Heating, ventilation, fogging, irrigation and fertilization are done with an automation system and production is controlled with all the possibilities of technology. We do the pollination in the greenhouse with bamboo bees and thus we ensure biodiversity.”

Source: via our Turkish language platform JeotermalHaberler