GeothermEx develops Petrel plug-in for reservoir simulator TETRAD

GeothermEx develops Petrel plug-in for reservoir simulator TETRAD Petrel 3D visualization software (source: screenshot of Schlumberger Petrel website)
Alexander Richter 15 Sep 2015

A new non-commercial software plug-in developed by Schlumberger and GeothermEx, will seamlessly integrate with geothermal reservoir simulator TETRAD and Schlumberger's popular 3-D analysis and visulalization tool Petrel* E&P Software platform.

GeothermEx and Schlumberger are working together to develop improved technology for the geothermal industry during all phases of geothermal development:

  • For the exploration phase, we are implementing a fully integrated workflow where all data, interpretation and assumptions combine seamlessly into a working conceptual model that identifies the need for further exploration and improves the success rate of the first full-diameter wells.
  • For the production drilling phase, we are integrating well design, equipment specification and drilling procedures to increase drilling efficiency, and we are implementing a real-time data feedback system to facilitate rapid and improved well targeting.
  • For the operations phase, we are using numerical modeling techniques to optimize production and injection strategies to maximize return on investment.

A recent example of new technology developed by GeothermEx and Schlumberger is a non-commercial plug-in that seamlessly integrates the geothermal reservoir simulator TETRAD and Schlumberger’s popular Petrel* E&P software platform, a powerful 3-D analysis and visualization tool. The TETRAD plug-in adds insight and efficiency in geothermal reservoir modeling, and is now used in all of GeothermEx’s modeling projects.

The plug-in allows direct coupling between the geological model and the numerical simulation model. The property modeling tools in the Petrel platform are used to directly translate stratigraphic and fault information into the various petrophysical and hydraulic properties required for each grid block of the numerical model, and readily exports the properties to a TETRAD-format input file. The plug-in also allows users to directly add interpreted seismic and geophysical properties into TETRAD, quickly specify the trajectories and production or injection intervals in individual wells, and to scale-up properties from selected wells to different grid blocks. This feature allows GeothermEx to produce more accurate numerical models that demonstrate direct links to basic data collected by geoscientists, drilling engineers and reservoir engineers.

The TETRAD plug-in has also significantly improved the ability to visualize the output data from the numerical reservoir model. Spatial and temporal output from TETRAD can now be imported and viewed in various ways, including periods of historical operations and future forecasts using the video player capabilities in Petrel. These new visualization options improve the ability to communicate concepts, data and simulation results to technical experts, managers, and others who need to understand how geothermal reservoirs behave in response to various exploitation scenarios. GeothermEx is effectively using these improved visualization tools to allow a highly technical process to be readily conveyed to experts and non-experts alike.

Together, GeothermEx and Schlumberger are exploring additional avenues to leverage Schlumberger’s historic and significant investment in R&D for geothermal applications. Increased reservoir simulation efficiency and improved visualization capabilities is just one example – more is on the way.

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