Geretsried project could produce power by 2024

Geretsried project could produce power by 2024 3D rendering of planned set up and plant at Geretstried (source: Eavor)
Alexander Richter 1 Aug 2022

Drilling and construction of the closed-loop geothermal project by Enex and Eavor in Geretsried in Germany is expected to go on simultaneously.

The companies Enex Power Germany and Eavor are pulling together on the geothermal project at Hofgut Breitenbach in Gelting, Bavaria, Germany. Enex owns the drilling site, Eavor supplies the technology. “The early award of the contract was possible because Eavor can calculate the geothermal potential of the plant in Geretsried precisely in advance,” explains Eavor Managing Director Daniel Mölk. We recently reported on the contract for the plant technology.

“Unlike conventional geothermal energy, which relies on hydrothermal deposits, with the Eavor Loop we can determine in advance what output the system should have.” There is no risk of discovery, and the turbine technology can also be dimensioned accordingly in advance. “That’s why we gave the go-ahead now and thus optimized the construction time.”

The turbines will be supplied by the Italian company Turboden. “With Turboden we have found a perfect partner for the implementation of our new technological concept of geothermal energy.” This concept envisages laying a total of four heat loops (“loops”) in the ground – this requires drilling again.

The construction of the power plant is to be carried out at the same time as the drilling work. In his own words, Mölk expects approval for the power plant any day. Work is scheduled to start in October. Mölk says it will take about 15 months to manufacture the components for the power plant. “It can then be set up in just three months.”

Source: Merkur