German aircraft engine firm targets potential geothermal exploration for heating

German aircraft engine firm targets potential geothermal exploration for heating MTU aircraft engine set up (source:
Alexander Richter 26 Jun 2020

German aircraft engine manufacturer MTU has sought a drilling permit to explore geothermal resources to be tapped for heating purposes near the company's operations in Bavaria, Germany.

As reported locally, German aircraft engine manufacturer MTU Aero Engines AG targets the exploration if the company can use geothermal energy to supply its plants with geothermal heat. The first and significant step would be test drilling.

Reported by the relevant authorities locally, the engine manufacturer has submitted an application to the government of Upper Bavaria for a “mining permit”. Sufficient hot thermal water is to be sought. The exploration permit is limited to five years. (not the actual drilling permit as initially reported)

The government of Upper Bavaria and authorities such as the Mining Authority, the State Office for the Environment and the District Office in Dachau are expected to comment on the project. The application was initially sent to the municipalities in the drilling area for information, including the municipality of Karlsfeld. These communities are involved in location-based measures such as seismic surveys or drilling in the later planning process.

The study area bears the name “Karlsfeld Ost”, extending from the highway A8 in the southwest over parts of Munich to the local border of Oberschleissheim in the northeast. In the north of Karlsfeld it extends to the city limits of Dachau and further east almost to the Haimhausen district of Ottershausen.

The use of geothermal energy saw also some discussions in Karlsfeld around 15 years ago. In view of the investments in the millions, which would have been necessary for further investigations and later for use, the local council then decided not to use this energy alternative. Should MTU actually make use of geothermal energy at some point, opportunities for cooperation should be sought, so the local authorities.

Source: Merkur

Attention: we updated the article due to some incorrect information that found itself into the original article.